Tuesday, February 9, 2016

You have no idea...

... how ignorant people are.

(I'm pretty sure most of the readers of this blog know this stuff, but I'm going to say it anyway)

For one, that is a popup injected by my service provider (who is absolute garbage by the way) asking if I want help from a Micro$haft technician. I know for a fact that web browsers can send what OS you are using on the computer, so they shouldn't be asking about a Microsoft one.

The Mac by default does not BSOD. For windows 7 and higher, the BSOD has to be enabled by the user. I have only ever seen a legitimate blue screen once, and it was in my chemistry class in high school (and it was hilarious). If you don't know what a blue screen looks like, then let me enlighten you:

(This one's from Windows 95/98, but they're still pretty much the same)

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