Saturday, January 2, 2016


I had noticed my PowerBook was running really hot, with the fan going full tilt after only three or so minutes of use. Crap, I thought. I don't want to replace the logic board. But another thing occurred to me; the CD drive would spin up on boot, but there was no disk in it, and the drive wouldn't spin down like it was supposed to. That's awfully strange, so I decided that I would reinstall OS X. I grabbed my install disk, and put it in the drive. *tap*. Wait, there is a disk in there, but it isn't showing up. well crap, the eject button wouldn't work, and when I tried the "open iTunes/Disk Utility and eject from there" methods, the applications just froze. Well shit. Go to OpenFirmware and do it from there? Can't access OpenFirmware because Yaboot is in the way. Last-ditch effort of restarting with the mouse button held down? Of course that one is the one that worked. The CD came right out, wondering what it was, I read the label. "Debian Installation CD". I haven't reinstalled Debian in months, but oh well. The PowerBook is way quieter now, and the fan is almost never on. Strange what a single CD will do.

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