Saturday, November 7, 2015

I broke it

It being by main desktop PC, broke being the partition tables. I was trying to dual-boot Debian Linux and Windows 10, and failed admirably. I had some very important information on both of the hard drives (passwords on one, and photos on the other), so I couldn't just reformat and reinstall. I had to buy a SATA to USB adapter, and managed to score this one from amazon:
You'll see that it has 44 pin and 40 pin IDE connectors as well as SATA, and those are for my old laptop hard drive I have kicking around. With this adapter, I was able to rescue all of the things I wanted and reformat the drives. I reinstalled Windows (7) and got all of my settings back on their merry way. A couple of notes about the adapter: It works in Mac and Windows without needing the included 'driver disk', which contains nothing but Chinese and English links to an online user manual. I suspect it's another one of those cheap Chinese rips of a product, but it works well enough for me.

Link for adapter:

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