Tuesday, May 5, 2015

VPN, VNC, or Remote Desktop?

I have been trying for the last few days to get all three of these running, but to no avail. My desktop has an unformatted, 1 tb HDD inside that I wanted to be able to access through my Powerbook G4 at school (for nefarious purposes muahahahah). I did my research and came up with the incorrect conclusion that a VPN would be best for me. I set it up, tried it at home, and it didn't work. I left it alone and tried at school, where it unsurprisingly didn't work. When I got home, I put the project on hold because I had a very large assignment due the next day, and didn't get around to actually researching the project until the next month, which gives you a great gauge of the speed of my projects. Anyway, the next time I pulled up some VPN info, I read that it just routes web traffic through my desktop. It isn't a way to access my files, which is what I actually wanted. One download later, I had the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client for Mac. Which didn't work, because mediafire sucks. I promptly acquired a legitimate version for OSX 10.4.11, and got to work. Using the Fing network scanner app, (free on iOS, idk about android) I looked up the IP for my desktop. It was missing. As it turns out, having the PC on in the first place helps a lot, as does enabling remote desktop from settings. After I had done these things, I was able to get right down to the simple buisness of crashing the client by opening up Floating Point on max graphics at millions of colors. 10/10 would test this way again. I reopened the RDC, this time rendering my desktop in 256 colors at minimum graphics, and not opening any games up like a true genius. It now works flawlessly on my 1.5 gHz Powerbook, I can't wait to try other games this weekend. I'll be trying all of the games in my steam library, except for Postal 2.

Sidenote, I may be getting a new SSD and RAM for the powerbook, so I'll post on that when it happens.

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