Thursday, May 14, 2015

'New' Gear

When I say I get something new, I really mean that I've acquired or upgraded something old. I recently put a new Transcend 120 GB IDE/ATA Solid State Drive and a new 1 GB DDR SDRAM stick in my trusty powerbook. I must say, it's great. Boot times are way faster, and the extra 512 MB helps a ton. That being said, I've got to reconfigure all of my crap because I forgot to burn a backup disc while the old HDD was still in place. I am not taking it apart and putting it back together just for some crappy games, so I'll look for them later (I think I got most of them from Macintosh Garden anyway). The main thing I hate reinstalling is Tigerbrew. It's a great piece of software, but man is it a pain to reinstall. You've got to get Xcode, and for that you've got to get an Apple ID and a developer account (both are free). But you can't get any Xcode, you've got to use Xcode 2.5 (on Tiger anyway, idk about Leopard), and that's a pain to find. But once it's installed, all you have to do is install gcc and sometimes cmake and you're good to go. Other than you have to update it every time you go into the terminal, but hey, that's super easy with a 'brew update' and 'brew upgrade'. So that's what I'll be working on (again) this weekend.

PS: For whatever reason, my Airport Express card cannot connect to my wifi, so I have to do an Ethernet connection for the first system updates.

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