Saturday, August 29, 2015

Triple Booting on a PowerBook G4

What on Earth am I thinking? I'm going to boot Mac OS 10X, Debian, and Darwin on a single machine. Why? BECAUSE I CAN, DAMMIT!

So far I've gotten OSX and Debian running smoothly, but my installation of Darwin seems to be a little borked. In addition, to install the necessary network drivers for Debian, I need to reinstall it from a mini .iso because the download repositories are pointed at the cd and not the server. Fun stuff. As far as Darwin goes, I'm basically clueless, so I need to do a lot of research. Do I need to just reinstall it? Will Darwin work with Yaboot? Am I asking the right questions?

It's all in the learning curve, I suppose, but I shouldn't have leaped right into triple booting when I haven't even done any dual booting. Oh well. The more you know, right?

I'll post updates when I make a good amount of progress, so be sure to check for them at the usual place. Eventually I'll get around to making a solid guide with links and stuff, but that's for later.

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