Thursday, April 16, 2015

My 'Collection'

Here's a list of all my computers. It may or may not interest you, but here they are, in the order of most used -> least used

1] PowerBook G4 Aluminum, 12' @ 1.5 GHz with 768 MB RAM. Mac OS 10.4.11.
2] Custom built tower, Intel core i5 Quad Core 3rd gen. @ 3.20 GHz with 8 GB of RAM. Windows 7 Professional (?) with Nvidia GTX 750 Ti and 1 TB HDD with extra SSD for the OS.
4] LG530G prepaid phone with Tracfone Wireless.
4] iPad, 1st gen.
5] Raspberry Pi model B with 512 GB RAM.
6] Macintosh Classic with no internals, will eventually be used for the Raspberry Pi.

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